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Welcome to Propertymax, an online research service provided by Beaufort County. The information contained herein is updated each business day and is not to be considered the official tax record. For the most current information, contact the Beaufort County Treasurer's Office through their website or at one of their office locations.

To pay property taxes, please visit Beaufort County's new way to pay online and also sign-up to receive your tax bill by email.

The Beaufort County Tax Sale records can be requested through FOIA services.

How To Use this Site

1) On the navigation bar to the left, select the property type you would like to search (Real Property, Personal Property, or Vehicle).

2) On the next screen you will be able to search by Owner Name but may also search by Property Identification Number (PIN), and Alternate Identification Number (AIN), as well as other search criteria, by selecting those options on the navigation bar to the left.